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Welcome! While the online learning platform for traditional percussive dance tutorials is in development, we're using this site as a space for Irish step, sean-nós, and clogging teachers around the world to share a few steps for you to learn and enjoy this Saint Patrick's Day season. We hope you enjoy!

Homegrown Sessions

Dancers from around the world have been grounded,

so we're coming together to share

some of our favorite simple moves with you

while we all enjoy an unusual at-home Saint Patrick's Day season.


beginners welcome!

Since all of our teaching and performing engagements canceled for the foreseeable future, we're so grateful we get to connect with you here. Please consider making a donation to the dancers who have made this experience possible.

Meet the dancers

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New dance teachers will be joining us as the weeks go on! Join the list or follow The Step Collective to be the first to know!

Learn some steps

A reel step from Jaclyn O'Riley

A highland step from Anna Lethert

A "sevens" variation from Danielle Enblom

Claire Battering with Siobhan Butler

A slip jig step from Samantha Harvey

Big thanks to our contributing musicians so far,

Joey Abarta, Danny Diamond, Kevin Crawford,

and Oinín Mac Diarmada

New dance moves are on the way! Join the list or follow The Step Collective to be the first to know!